A Look At World Day Of Social Justice

World Day of Social Justice is marked on February 20 every year. The aim of this day is to strike a voice in opposition to social injustice occurring across the globe. On this day, several communities come collectively to address some issues such as religious and physical discrimination, illiteracy, poverty; issues related to race, culture, and ethnicity among others. By doing this work, these communities function to create a socially supported society.

Social Justice- Social justice is a principle for prosperous and peaceful coexistence among and within nations.

Beginning of this- On 26 November, the year of 2007, the UN General Assembly stated that, beginning from the 63rd Assembly, the day of 20 February will be viewed every year as the World Day of Social Justice.

The General Assembly acknowledged that social growth and justice are very significant for gaining and managing peace and safety amongst countries. The negligence of social justice will probably lead to the removal of safety, peace, and respect for rights and basic freedoms.

Various organizations, such as the International Labour Organization (ILO), and the United Nations, have released statements stating the role and importance of social justice.

United Nations’ Agenda of 2030 and the Secretary General’s report states that the transformation of formal to informal employment should be a priority. They are concentrating on females’ participation and acknowledgement in the workforce to decrease inequality.

Let us now talk about the World Day of Social Justice 2020!

The theme for 2022 World Justice Day is ‘Achieving Social Justice through Formal Employment’. Around 60 % of the world’s employed people, which involve men, women, children, and youth earn their part of their livelihoods in the informal economy. This population often lack social safety and employee-related advantages.

By implementing this theme for the year, the United Nations thinks to promote the requirement to transition to formal employment, which is an important circumstance to decrease poverty and inequalities in our society.

The United Nations believes that the availability of good work can lead to an increase in sustainability and productivity of enterprises, which also can assist countries to grow. To help make this plan true, many countries are accepting and using the latest technologies to recognize potential employees.

I really like this idea and the purpose of this World Day of Social Justice, and so thought about sharing this with you all. Hope you have a great day.




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Arjun Agarwal

Arjun Agarwal

Foodie, Wanderer, Techie, Movie Enthusiast, Artist. Jack of all, Master of One….

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