Bharat: A New Unique Aspect For India

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In light of the G20 event that has been recently held in India, it has come to news that India can be in the future rebranded as India as PM Modi has initiated such an idea. While the meeting was held, Modi showcased India as “Bharat. State-issued invitations that were given to the world leaders were also given by the name of Bharat. Many rumors also initiated with this aspect, stating that PM might phase out the English name from India.

Great Significance for names

It has been determined from the history that, the name “India” was given in accordance to the origins of Sanskrit that refers to the river Indus. The name was used in various types of iterations by Persians, Greeks, and Romans. Seems quite interesting, that was around 2000 years ago and also adopted by British maps in the time of the 18th century.

And the name “Bharat”, can be traced back to an ancient time of Rig Veda which was about 1500 BC and determined the principal tribe of an area in the northern part of India. Also named after the legendary king of Mahabharata.

Bharat initiates from G20

The name Bharat came to light as PM Modi stated government sent invitations to global leaders with the new name and in the event Modi encouraged it a lot. The name was also referred to in the booklets of G20 that were addressed to the foreign delegates. With the name, there was many representations and meaning that was determined in the G20 like it means the Mother of Democracy which tends to determine that Bharat was the official name.

It has been observed in the news that the name Bharat will be used from now on in various official communications.

The Bharat name was generally used here, but after its announcement at the G20 summit, many leaders and nationalists supported this segment and continuously implemented that this should be used as it can remove the colonizers. Many leaders and ministers supported this name and want to coordinate this idea in the future for the country.

Buzz created with G20 and a new name

There has been full excitement with the G20 event that occurred in Delhi, India, but the name India or Bharat creates some confusion and spark in the event also. It has been determined that rumors were generated related to the names. There is a step for new change with the name Bharat as has been observed from the event and PM Modi’s actions.

Overall, it can be observed that there are two official names now, one in India for the English statement, and the Bharat in Hindi which seems quite fine. The opinions matter according to the people as some support the new name in the aspect of colonial matters, while some support the old name as it has been given and been for so long time with our country. But, there is a new aspect with the name Bharat as stated by PM.



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