Do You Believe in These Superstitions?

Arjun Agarwal
3 min readAug 3, 2021


Warding Off Evil With Lemon And Chillies

I have seen this happening almost in every corner of the world. Hanging a lemon and seven chillies strung together in the house at the front door or under the front bumper of your vehicle to protect against an evil eye and spirits is one of the most common superstitious beliefs in India. It is believed to have some scientific reason too, as to why this Indian superstition is practised. It’s said that lemon and chillies work as effective natural pesticides and natural antibacterials, thus protecting the home or whichever environment it is hung in.

Adding One Rupee To A Gift

Have you ever checked the envelope that our parents give as wedding gifts? They always add a one rupee coin as “shagun”. A one rupee coin is added to the total amount, for it’s considered auspicious. This Indian superstition is especially relevant when it comes to gifting cash as a wedding gift. Therefore, you’ll see one rupee coins embedded as part of the design on most gift envelopes. In some parts of India, it is believed that if you give round figures like INR 500/1000 it signifies an end, but the added 1 rupee signifies that you wish the person to continue to get wealthy. In some other parts this particular superstitious belief tends to involve superstitious mathematics. For a wedding gift, it is believed that a number not divisible by two means that the remainder in the equation brings the couple together.

Curd Before Going Out

One of the most common Indian superstitions is to have a spoonful of curd with a little sugar before going out or embarking on a new journey to guarantee good luck. It is believed that the sweet starting note makes any task shubh or good and the day goes well. The root of this Indian superstition of having dahi-shakkar or curd with sugar might be related to the tropical climate — where eating curd has a cooling effect on your digestive system, while the sugar adds energy.

Cutting Hair And Nails After Sunset? Don’t!

Another one of the most common superstitions in India determines when to cut your hair and nails. If you cut your nails and hair on Thursdays and Saturdays it is said to bring bad luck. It is believed that such an act angers the planet Saturn (Shani), bringing on misfortune. In some parts of India, cutting your nails after sunset is also considered bad luck.

Kajal Dot On A Baby’s Forehead

The evil eye is a big deal in India. Therefore, Indians use different methods (or practices) to avoid it. The belief that even toddlers can be the victim of an evil eye spurs a superstition that calls for protection. In order to prevent unfortunate accidents, a lot of infants in India have a small spot (or several) of kaajal on their forehead and/or cheeks, even under their feet. Sometimes their eyes are lined with black kaajal too. This is supposed to ward off the evil eye.



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