Evolution of our favorite cartoon characters over the years!

We all grew up watching our favorite cartoons every single say. Well, I am hoping everyone else did too. As we grow older, with changing times there are numerous changes that takes place around us and this does not leave out our favorite cartoon characters either. New artists arrive bringing along their new and different styles, various different artists evolve over time and these changes are evident in the evolution of the characters as well. Many of us might not even recognize a few characters now that we loved so much a few decades back.

This article deals with those changes. Good or bad, depends on our personal liking of course. We all remember the very famous Scooby Doo, don’t we? Well if you notice our Scooby has become less spotty now or maybe he has new spots! Originally Scooby looked like a regular old dog that we could easily relate to. However, now Scooby has gone through a computer makeover and has got a new persona to himself. He is still a dog, but the gradations of a dog that were there earlier are missing. He looks more cartoonish now than ever, if that’s even possible.

Moving on to our beloved, Mickey Mouse. Well, Mickey Mouse hasn’t changed much. Still flaunts the same pants and shoes. There is an addition of the white gloves though, if you consider that as a change. Mickey Mouse represents a unique look into the way animation style has changed over the years. With 3D representations, trying to show more of the emotional character which isn’t that bad to be honest.

How about Bugs Bunny? We all know who Bugs Bunny is and what he looks like. Bugs’ first official appearance was in 1928’s Porky’s Hare Hunt where he was officially given a name and two years later ‘A Wild Hare’ came out in color, showing what Bugs’ looks like today. If anyone has ever noticed, Bugs Bunny magically grew in height over the years. How does that happen? Oh, you can just draw a longer rabbit, I guess!

While there are many more such characters that changed over time, like Yogi bear (he is no more a cartoon bear, by the way), or Alvin. Alvin went through a huge makeover and the 21st century Alvin and the Chipmunks is the proof of it. Although, Alvin was in dire need of a makeover so can’t complain about that.

Anyhow, with the constant changes in technology and developments in CGI over the years, there are many of our favorite cartoon characters that went through changes, Some for good and personally, I feel most of them were not needed.

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