MediaTek has proved it’s competency by producing processors that are designed to stand out and make a place for itself in the smartphone market. These processors of MediaTek are premeditated to bring a difference and define what a smartphone should be like. The company has come up with various new series that are advanced in their approach to changing the face of smartphone processors. G80 is one of those processors that has made MediaTek a household name. And there are several aspects to it that make this processor special.

Some of the major features of Helio G80 that has impressed a lot of people are as follows: Since G80 takes up the responsibility of offering the best gaming experience to ardent gamers, it is important to keep up with its graphics, and ARM Mali-G52 MC2 has stood by it. It has 950Mhz of max GPU frequency with the processor offering 2520 x 1080 pixels of resolution. Be it any game, from Solitaire to high-intensive games like PUBG, the performance is never deterred by any lags or hiccups. MediaTek Helio G80 has MediaTek HyperEngine gaming technology which allows heightened power efficiency, competent management of CPU, GPU and smooth performance in heavy-loading game engines. Octa-core Helio G80 has a pair of Arm Cortex-A75 @ 2GHz with other remaining pairs of Arm Cortex-A55 @1.8GHz which helps in managing every task with full accuracy and promptness.

Owing to this, there are no issues of overheating even when used for a long duration of time at a stretch and offers the users to make the most of it. A handful of technologies that have been adopted by MediaTek to make the processor even better are NeuroPilot, CorePilot, HyperEngine game Technology so on and so forth. Coming to a few of its connectivity enhancements, it is equipped with features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Intelligent prediction of Wi-Fi and LTE concurrency, faster response between the smartphone and cell-tower and defer calls while in-game without the data connection dropping and without it affecting the gameplay in any form. Helio G80 employs LPDDR4x memory that type that allows 8GB of memory with a memory frequency of 1800MHz. With this, fast and smooth running of tasks is unquestionable.

All of these features put the MediaTek Helio G80 onto a pedestal of fast processors as it has everything and more to offer and meet the needs of the market and the consumers.

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