Huge Thalis Around India

Khali Bali Thali

Meet the biggest thali of the nation, the ‘Khali Bali Thali’, a 56-inch thali served by ‘Ardor 2.1’ at CP, Delhi. You can get the vegetarian thali for Rs. 1,999 and the non-veg thali for Rs. 2,299 and not to forget the fact that they provide unlimited refills! Yes, that’s right!

Bahubali Thali

Served by a pure vegetarian restaurant called ‘Aaoji Khaaoji’ in Pune, this thali is priced at Rs. 2,000 and includes 11 types of main course dishes, two dals, two types of yoghurts, a bowl of butter, six desserts, three types of rice, two types of chapati, pickle, six papads, salad and two large glasses of Patiala lassi. This thali is enough for satisfying the hunger of 4 people. So, go and feed your whole family with just a single thali!

Choki Dhani’s Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthan, the land of kings, is very well-known for its royal culture and food. If you want to have a royal food experience, then you must visit ‘Choupal’, a 5-star restaurant located at Choki Dhani in Jaipur, Rajasthan. With kind hospitality, your food experience would surely go up by a notch. The thali offers various traditional dishes of Rajasthan with unlimited refills, which you just can’t finish by yourself. From churma to ghevar, this thali brings all the Rajasthani flavours on a single plate.

Dara Singh Thali

A restaurant called ‘Masaledaar by Mini Punjab’ in Mumbai offers this huge thali which can be included in the list of the world’s biggest non-veg thalis. From starters to desserts, this thali offers a variety of food and beverages, which can’t be finished by a single person. But, if you have a large appetite or are taking your friends along with you for dining, then this thali can be an ideal choice for you.




Foodie, Wanderer, Techie, Movie Enthusiast, Artist. Jack of all, Master of One….

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Arjun Agarwal

Arjun Agarwal

Foodie, Wanderer, Techie, Movie Enthusiast, Artist. Jack of all, Master of One….

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