Is mediatek processor good for gaming?

Someone who is aware of chipsets, processors and related things would know that MediaTek is a well-known chipset manufacturing brand. The brand has managed to make a name for itself and make a strong ground for itself since in the topic of powerful and efficient chipsets are talked about, MediaTek’s name is bound to pop out. Well, there are reasons behind it.

MediaTek has been progressively making upgrades to its chipsets to fit well with the changing trends of the markets and once such move was the introduction of the MediaTek Helio G-series chipsets. G for Gaming.

If we look at the current market share, we would see that most of the newly launched or recently launched smartphones are integrated with the Helio G series chipsets. MediaTek has not only been careful enough to make powerful gaming chipsets, but the brand has also managed to see to the fact that the chipsets are affordable without cutting any corners in terms of the performance. In terms of powering budget and low mid-range gaming smartphones, MediaTek is already way ahead in the competition than its contemporaries. With its G-series family of chipsets MediaTek has gained quite the following among young gamers.

MediaTek primarily focuses on budget and mid-range smartphones. The company’s chipsets are found inside a lot of mid-range phones and the MediaTek chipsets are very good for gaming. In 2019, the company launched the Helio G90T chipset that made its debut with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro and it surprised everyone with its fantastic performance.

With Helio G95 as was before with the Helio G90T, MediaTek has opened a lot of doors for young gamers looking for powerful but affordable options. The Helio G95 chipset manufactured by MediaTek is more than capable of supporting heavy duty games such as PUBG and Fortnite. MediaTek has been consistently coming out with brilliant technologies and surprising consumers with their very affordable prices. The addition of the Gseries chipset family was an incredible feat on part of the organisation and a wonderful gift for the consumers.

This is where MediaTek’s HyperEngime game technology delivers without taking a toll on the phone’s battery life and performance. The MediaTek HyperEngine technology uses artificial intelligence to consistently deliver a smooth gameplay experience while managing the phone’s resources. This technology is also the one major USP of MediaTek that makes it stand apart from the crowd with its smart game solutions.

Along with the Helio G-series, MediaTek has also enabled its Dimensity series (5G series chipsets) to deliver amazing and efficient gaming performance. The Dimensity 720 chipset is a prime example of a mixture of 5G technology and gaming.

It is important to discuss the capabilities of the chipset in detail. The Dimensity 720 is built on the 7nm manufacturing process and employs an octa-core CPU that consists of 2x Cortex-A76 cores and 6x Cortex-A55 cores coupled with a Mali-G57 MC3 GPU. It offers tremendous power and great stability. It is a 5G processor that has been integrated with the Mediatek HyperEngine gaming technology 2.0. This allows for a fluid and immersive gaming experience as this processor is able to support all kinds of intense games with ease and efficiency.

Mediatek Dimensity 720 combines together an octa-core CPU featuring two, powerful Arm Cortex-A76 ‘Big’ cores operating up to 2GHz and a powerful Arm Mali G57-class GPU. The combination of this power-packed CPU and GPU along with the internal gaming technology makes this 5G chip a decent choice for interested consumers.

To conclude, MediaTek processors are definitely made to deliver amazing and incredible gaming performance.



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Foodie, Wanderer, Techie, Movie Enthusiast, Artist. Jack of all, Master of One….