Is MediaTek processor good for long term?

Arjun Agarwal
3 min readDec 14, 2021

Anyone little familiar with the world of technology and if they share a little interest in smartphones and how they work etc, would also be familiar with the concept of chipsets and of the never dying debate between the two most known chipset manufacturers namely MediaTek and Snapdragon. These two chipset manufacturers have been well known and have also progressed over time with better upgrades and great achievements that have made these two the leaders on the scoreboard.

Before the inception of MediaTek, Snapdragon enjoyed a monopoly over the chipset segment however the position had to be shared later. Even after MediaTek started launching their processor, Snapdragon still enjoyed a pretty good position however MediaTek changed its position with gradual progress and developments in their chipsets.

In the present scenario, MediaTek is almost the first one to shine on the leader board and many brands have been opting for MediaTek chipsets for a number of varied devices. It’s not a surprise that now we can find MediaTek chipsets starting from smartphones to TV’s, audio solutions to even Chromebook.

There must be a reason why. If we think of it, why would brands opt for a processor if they aren’t sure of it or if they do not believe in the capacity or capability of these processors? MediaTek processors are certainly powerful and also also good for long term. An important aspect that helps promote MediaTek chipsets is the fact that MediaTek comes with a cheaper price tag compared to Snapdragon chipsets. Now this price aspect does not necessarily mean that MediaTek chipsets are not powerful just because they are cheap.

MediaTek started with gaining a good name for itself with their P series chipsets followed by the powerful G series and then their 5G series named the Dimensity. At present the Dimensity series chipsets have been gaining a lot of attention and it rightly deserves so. There are many smartphone brands that are opting for the Dimensity series chipsets and the brands wouldn’t go for these chipsets if they thought that MediaTek chipsets aren’t good for long term use.

In so many cases, at similar price points, Mediatek processors have outperformed rival chipsets. So many amazing smartphones have launched recently that are powered by Mediatek like Redmi 10 Prime, Vivo X70 Pro, Samsung Galaxy F42 5G and these are only in the 5G segment. Well-known brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo etc trust mediatek to power their devices so I think it is safe to say that the chipset is worth it and delivers. Mediatek is one of the fastest growing organizations in the world, with its chipsets powering over 1.5 billion devices throughout a year. Various smartphones belonging to well-known brands are powered by MediaTek chips. These include- OPPO, Realme, Vivo, LG and many others. Now these are reputed and well established brands that are willingly using mediatek as their choice of processor to power devices they are manufacturing.

There is no doubt that MediaTek chipsets are certainly a good choice for long term use and they are capable of impressive performance throughout their usage.



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