Lenovo Tab P12: A Noteworthy Budget Tablet

Arjun Agarwal
3 min readSep 21, 2023

The P12 is an astonishing one that can satisfy the user with its spectacular specifications in a budget category. A tablet is an essential device in every aspect, whether it’s in the office or in-home usage, especially easy to carry and do tasks on the go. With this Lenovo tablet, there are lots of offerings to the user at such a budget segment which is a greater advantage. With a price of 32,999, the device is fully equipped with all the essential specs that a tab should have and is quite impressive with its performance levels, especially with the mediatek chipset that delivers faster operations and a smooth gaming experience. The immersive sound and the display quality are noteworthy.

Excellent Entertainer

With impeccable sound and quality display, the tablet is a very convenient one that tends to take entertainment to the next level. The device is integrated with the outstanding sound quality JBL speakers that are tuned with Dolby Atmos for an ultimate cinematic experience. In the case of the display, the 12.7-inch screen comes with a 3K display and vivid colors that give an impressive viewing experience. Ambient light adjustments and the light adjustment control setup makes the device much more suitable for entertainment purpose.

Upscaled Level of Performance

The Mediatek Dimensity 7050 chipset which is tailored for fast processing and smooth gaming, makes the tablet more interesting and exciting. Smooth gaming with a higher rate of FPS coordinated with this powerful chipset. The Arm Mali G68 GPU unit makes video rendering and streaming smoother and easier for the tablet giving users an improved experience. The octa-core units in the chipset make gaming easier with no lags and much more responsive. In addition to that, this mediatek chipset also helps in enhanced WiFi connectivity, and online streaming and enhances the capacity of the tab thus giving an added advantage. There is faster connectivity and lower latency with this chipset which is quite beneficial for online functionality.

Lesser Charging, Lesser Worries

The tablet comes with a 10,200 mAh larger battery capacity that can give enough power to run all day and long without any kind of issues. Lesser charging and more usage can be the trend for this device particularly. One can easily stream videos, do readings, and play games without thinking of charging or any kind of worries. This leads to heavy usage without any second thoughts. More entertainment with lesser kind of interruption occurs with this battery, thus users can enjoy their work more effectively.

Almost every task can be done easily with this device with much efficacy. This table with these amazing features can meet up full expectations of the users making it to a top position in the market. In addition to these features, the camera, design, stylus pen, and other things are also present that make this budget tablet a convenient one and impressive too. Lenovo has done a great job with this variant that is the perfect choice for any user keeping in mind the price point.



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