Marketing Enhance the Business Productivity

Arjun Agarwal
3 min readMay 13, 2023

The Marketing Strategy tends to enhance Business Productivity through various implications in the work process. Different aspects of Market Research lead to enhancing the process of business operations and help in targeting a specific range of audiences and developing the customer base. There is a higher ROI with greater performance in the business that imparts greater profitability in the marketplace. In the case of brand activation and enhanced sales, marketing acts as a mediator.

Marketing plays an important role that imparts high productivity and potentiality in the business. The aspect of different marketing strategies that are coordinated in the business imparts improved performance and better customer trust level buildup.

Significance of Market Research in Business Process

The Market Research capability enhances the business work process and establishes a stronger business level in certain ways;

  • Improvement in Branding
  • Understanding the Customers in a better way
  • Helps in Analysis of Effectiveness in the Marketing
  • Identification of New Opportunities
  • Better Insights into the features of Products & Services

Some of the core marketing strategies that are often implemented to enhance the effectiveness of the business are;

Utilization of Social Media Platforms

The aspect of social networking is one of the important factors that enhances the business growth and productivity. The Social Media Marketing aspect tends to create value in the business and by the mode of the social channels there are higher traffic and increased views that drive the performance of the business growth. SEOs and the use of social media platforms tend to impart better business management.

Email Marketing generates leads for Business

Email marketing tends to increase the leads for the business and increase the ROI for the business thus increasing productivity and performance. Email marketing is an efficient tool that helps in the Internet marketing campaign and enhances the efficacy of the business. Customer targeting and the establishment of the trust index are the benefits that come from email marketing.

In addition to that, various other strategies are also initiated that involved Co-Branding, affinity, and Cause marketing strategies which improve the business process. Cobranding is the process of marketing in which two or more companies used to collaborate to sell a particular product or service to impart greater promotion and growth in the business. On the contrary, there is Affinity Marketing that brings the corporation and an organization into one place by sharing similar interests creating a better customer base.

And in the case of Cause Marketing, there is another aspect of the business potentiality that involves better leverage and enhanced brand reputation that tends to increase the potentiality. On the other hand, videos often act as a marketing tool that imparts better audience targeting and better revenue growth.

Videos have a greater way of making business a higher level strategy that is quite engaging towards the audience and built customer loyalty as well. Thus, creating better promotion and information about the products and the services, this particular strategy. Podcasts are also an excellent approach that is implemented in the marketing strategy that disseminates information about the organization’s products and services.



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