MediaTek Dimensity 8050: A Newly Launched Powerful Chipset

Arjun Agarwal
3 min readMay 17, 2023


In recent times, MediaTek launched Dimensity 8050 which is quite impressive in terms of performance and power efficiency. The chipset comes with a higher clock speed and better efficiency that sets a new benchmark for the chipsets. The chipset has ultra-efficiency cores and a faster GPU engine. Faster FPS and smooth display refresh rates are also some of the benefits that are produced by this chipset in the matter of functionality.

Smooth Performance with Dimensity 8050
The Dimensity 8050 is an awesome chipset that imposes super core Arm cortex 1x that clocks up to 3GHz. Application processing and multitasking functionality are some of the advantages that can be initiated with this chipset. The chipset supports high-quality HDR video processing with a higher FPS rate without any lags in the tasks. The 9X Arm Mali GPU unit that is integrated with this chipset gives higher video rendering and also in the visual quality.
Along with that the chipset also supports a 200MP setting in the camera setup which is quite impressive. The outstanding chipset by MediaTek imposes 4K HDR video processing and comes with the AI object tracking setup that imparts stunning quality panoramas. With the highest quality comes the ultra-efficiency that is also present in the chipset. In addition to that the AI-based Panaromas that is offered by the chipset is pretty much amazing that gives good shots with lower noises. It tends to capture 40% dynamic quality images with the 4K HDR video setup.

Enhanced HDR and video decoding
Dimensity 8050 chipset which is the latest launch by MediaTek has an in-built AI picture quality that leads to enhanced quality for the HDR setup and superb quality production. The Enhanced HDR10+ and the advanced video playback system that comes with the chipset give an increased speed for video processing and better hardware accelerated Video Decoding functionality. With the aspect of HDR to SDR video feature, this chipset can upscale picture quality to the next level with better processing. The Dynamic Picture Quality adjustment in every frame tends to give real-time processing up to 29% HDR technology.

Ultra-fast displays
The chipset also supports smartphones to design full HD+ displays that are quite marvelous. There is a display refresh rate of 168Hz that is outstanding in the matter of impressive display quality. There is support for QHD+ up to 90Hz that gives a gamer a competitive edge in the gameplay experience. MiraVision which is associated with this chipset helps to provide an exclusive range of HDR video playbacks.

Impressive HyperEngine and efficient 5G support
The carrier aggregation technology that is associated with this chipset gives lower latency with better coverage. In addition to that, the HyperEngine that is imposed is an amazing one that tends to boost the gaming performance by increasing the FPS rate and the display refresh rate which is a striking feature in itself. In addition to that the MdiaTek Ultra Fast 5G technology that helps in power management is also an impressive one that gives this chipset a worthy one for the smartphones.



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