Realme 8s vs Realme 8i vs Motorola Edge 20 Fusion- Geekbench Scores!

Realme has just announced two new phones as part of its signature number series and they come in the form of the Realme 8s and Realme 8i. Both devices have something different to offer in the Rs 15,000 — Rs 20,000 segment where they compete with smartphones from the Redmi Note 10 Pro series. The Realme 8s is the first phone to be announced with the 5G-capable MediaTek Dimensity 810 chipset while the Realme 8i runs on MediaTek’s Helio G96 chipset. Realme has been touting the performance capabilities of both the devices in their respective price brackets.

The Realme 8i starts at Rs 13,999 while the Realme 8s starts at Rs 17,999 which is nearly a difference of 25 percent in price. The Helio G96 powering the Realme 8i has dual-core Cortex A76 CPUs with 2.05GHz clock speed, while its efficiency cores are the usual six Cortex A55s clocked at 2GHz. It gets single-core and multi-core scores of 527 and 1,658 in Geekbench.

On to the Realme 8s which houses the new Dimensity 810 chipset. This SoC has four Cortex A76 performance cores clocked at 2.4GHz along with four efficiency cores that have a frequency of 2GHz. It scored 608 and 1,821 in Geekbench. For the Moto Edge 20 Fusion running on Dimensity 800U, which has the same configuration of cores as the 810, the scores were 586 and 1,732.

One thing to also note here is that the Dimensity 810 and 810u have been made using much more power-efficient 6nm and 7nm manufacturing processes respectively, while the Helio G96 is nearly double at 12nm.

Of course, there are so many more metrics to judge a smartphone but if you are to go purely on the basis of performance, the gap between the Realme 8i and 8s is not much. Even so, the overall power efficiency of the latter does make a notable difference in battery life which should also be put into consideration.

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