Redmi 12C: A Low-Budget Winner

Arjun Agarwal
3 min readSep 22, 2023


The Realme 12C is a perfect smartphone for the low-budget users with its impeccable and amazing specifications that can surely meet up expectations. With this phone comes high-level performance and impressive design that embarked a success for the company. A bigger display and faster processing are some of the major strengths of this smartphone. The camera is also outstanding which defines images with superb clarity and brightness. At a lower price of 10,300, this smartphone is a power-packed product from the Redmi that sets up the benchmark.

Faster Chipset

The Mediatek Helio G85 chipset is the absolute performer with its blazing-fast processing and power efficiency. In the case of high-end gaming and heavy usage, this chipset makes it all easier with an enhanced clock speed and smooth operation. Arm Mali GPU unit integrated with this chipset leads to smoother graphics and smooth gameplay. The Arm cortex performance units implement higher level multitasking and also impactful results. Mediatek Hyper Engine Technology boosts gaming performance and gives a sustained level of functionality. The intelligent and dynamic management of CPU and GPU makes this phone work fluently and smoothly even in high-end gameplay. The enhanced AI camera support and reliable connectivity are some of the plus points for this mediatek chipset.

Impressive Design and Bigger Display

With this phone, comes a simplified yet creative striped design that makes it quite beautiful. The strip design makes the phone quite sophisticated with a fresh design that marks it as a style quotient. Geometric elements implement anti-slip texture and good grip for hands. With the beautiful colors, the design of the phone looks quite attractive. In the aspect of the display, there is a bigger screen of about 6.71 inches with HD quality. Immersive viewing experience and greater gaming experience can be coordinated with this phone. With this beautiful screen, there is an impressive viewing experience for the movies and the web series.

Enhanced Camera

The inbuilt 50 MP AI dual camera delivers superb clarity and crisp detail in the images. With the implementation of the AI functionality, there is intelligent processing, and worth taking shots. 50MP main camera snaps vivid color photos with the highest resolution. Even in the night mode, the camera does not fail, giving good balanced pictures. Portrait and HDR modes are some of the striking ones that implement stand-out pictures and optimal contrast levels.

Longer usage with a bigger battery

The Redmi 12C comes with a huge 5000 mAh battery that can power up the phone for more than a full day for movies, games, tasks, and much more. Given better standby times and impressive playback time, the phone is a true player at the lower price point. There are 27 hours of video playback standby and 39 hours for the calling time which is pretty much amazing.

Overall, this smartphone is packed with all the essential features that a user can expect and seems to be a best-in-class low-budget phone by Redmi. With the aspect of this smartphone, the user will be fully satisfied thus making it a perfect choice.



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