Samrat Prithviraj: Review

Arjun Agarwal
2 min readNov 12, 2022

The movie Prithviraj was released on the day of 3 June 2022. Let me tell you that the film obtained mixed reviews from analysts. It was created on reported funding between ₹150 crore — ₹200 crores and collected a worldwide gross cluster of ₹90.32 crores, leading to a box office failure.
If we talk about the movie, Akshay Kumar’s Samrat Prithviraj is based on Chand Bardai’s Prithviraj Raso, an epic poetry traced back to the 13th century, which achieved major vogue in the 19th century.
Akshay Kumar asked his fans to watch this ‘historical movie’ but did not give any spoilers. He urged that it is because the movie is based on many unknown aspects of King Prithviraj Chauhan’s life, and revealing spoilers would divest others of this ‘cinematic experience. It is a movie about war and valor, both of which demand more petite sloganeering and more action.
The action works in the movie are choreographed and shot well, but given that the movie centers on a war that influenced our history, you would probably desire more wartime in this drama. The dialogues, while they give the narrative a dramatic effect, at times, sorrow from a tad time of inconsistency. As a director and the writer of this movie, Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi does a satisfactory job of keeping the narrative hygienic and focused, without many deviations.
In terms of performance, Akshay Kumar’s measure to dip deep into this historic personality is observable. He carries the enormous weight of a king on his shoulders with grace and poise. Sonu Sood and Sanjay Dutt, as Chand Vardai and Kaka Kanha, respectively, add a ton of weight to the portrayal as the drama unfolds. Sanjay breaks the profound tonality of the movie at various points with humor. Sonu’s personality as the king’s die-hard supporter is good, which stands out. Manushi Chhillar, who bested the Miss World pageant in the year 2017, makes a secure and good debut in this movie.
In a movie that rotates around a warrior king and the battlefield dynamics of that era, she holds her own and provides a performance that presents her as a full package.
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