Satellite Internet Technology: A New Development For Internet

Arjun Agarwal
3 min readOct 30, 2023

With the advancement of the internet nowadays, there is an association of new aspects of technology that is quite incredible and seems to be very interesting. Especially with satellite internet technology, various users are not in touch with the internet and face issues with accessibility and can now easily delve deep into the internet for their works. In fact, recently in India, Jio has been demonstrating the satellite internet technology and unveiled it in an Indian government-organised mobile event where there is greater exposure for this technology along with other aspects as well. The wireless satellite based internet is very much convenient in terms of widening its reach through better connectivity and also in transmission for the data.

Enhanced Connectivity and new development

The satellite based wireless internet is generally the internet that is beamed from the satellite up there that is orbiting at Earth orbit level. Having very much different from the landbased and the normal internet connection that transmits data through the cable or the DSL, there is a greater potentiality. Satellite technology is very much enhanced and is one of the most reliable way to provide internet towards the rural and the semi urban areas. Hughes Net and Visat are two of the major residential satellite provider internet technology companies that are associated in US. Starlink from Space X is very popular in providing internet technology that tends to offer satellite technology that is very much reliable and potential for the users staying in the rural areas. Accessibility is the most prime thing that is generated with this satellite technology.

Internet Orbited through satellite technology

The data transmission that occurs in the satellite internet technology mainly arises through the aspect of radio waves that are communicated with the satellites that are present orbiting around Earth’s orbit. The data is mainly travelled through the device and modem and along the satellite dish that is mainly out in the space that reverts signals to the Earth stations which is seemed to be the operation centres. The data seems to travel back to the satellite dish on Earth that tends to deliver the data on your device.

There are mainly five relay parts or system that are the internet ready device, modem, router, satellite dish system, satellite in the space and the network operations centers. There are also some news about the satellite internet technology that it may be not fast as the optical fibre or lans or like the cables, but the internet satellite technology will be the most accessible and wider reach ones that can connect each and every parts and is very much beneficial for the rural areas where there is always a problem for the accessibility.

In India, recently, Mukesh Ambani owned Jio systems has signed a venture with an european satellite broadband service provider to explore the aspects of the internet through satellite technology. In the terms of the satellite technology that is associated in the terms of the Indian technology development , it will create a revolution in terms of making a great development in the technology.



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