The evolution of Coca-Cola over the years!

Did you know that in 2018, Coco-Cola celebrated its 132nd birthday? The world saw a new sold drink in 1886, and there was no looking back ever since. And like every other thing that we have ever known, Coca-Cola wasn’t what we know of it as today. It has undergone a tremendous change over the years. The change is not just regarding the soda in itself but also the cans and the its bottles that it was packaged in. And personally, I am more interested in the evolution about the bottles and the cans and not so much about the soda.

Ever since the inception of Coca-Cola there has been a notion about it that it used to contain cocaine and lo and behold it wasn’t just a rumor but in fact the truth. The same was later changed into a formula without the cocaine by 1905. I really got fascinated when I came across the first bottles for the drink. Initially they were made only to be sold at soda fountains and not to be sold in bottles for people to purchase. However, that changed over time. The first bottles were created in 1899 and had metal stoppers.

Overtime, Coca-Cola created a new bottle with a new logo to differentiate it from its rest of the competitors. Coca-Cola did everything and anything at that point of time to stand out amongst its competitors and to do so, it came up with the diamond-shaped label. And by the year, 1915 the makers of the bottle came super close to the kind of design that we see today and that we know or associate Coca-Cola with.

After that, the 20’s also started selling in six packs for the first time which was done to increase the convenience of buying it and also increased the sales of the same tremendously. They did so that consumers could bring bottles home with them from the stores to their kitchen and do not have to go back to the store for another bottle right after. In a way, Coco-Cola inventor of the six pack.

Then by 1993, Coco-Cola made a rather practical switch to PET bottles and this was mainly done to minimalize its environmental impact. And till date, Coca-Cola has been following the same footsteps.

Coca-Cola has not always been what we know of it and it has gone through several changes and to be honest, it has been for the best.

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