The World: United Or Divided?

Arjun Agarwal
3 min readMar 20


Russia’s “Special Military Operation” was launched officially on 24th February 2022. Since the launch, the whole world has been divided where some in support of Ukraine, some in support of Russia, and some countries staying neutral and supporting the idea of peace.

Western powers have remained united until now and have constantly been arming Ukraine against Russia. Apart from weaponizing, they have constantly been imposing sanctions and running campaigns to throw out Russia from International Organizations like UNHCR, FATF, and other important bodies which I believe will bring up a big challenge. International Organizations are meant for greater collaboration and promoting peace.

India, emerging as a superpower has advocated for peace and stayed neutral. Despite, keeping its stance clear India’s external affairs minister Dr. S. Jaishankar had to keep the stance of India time and again to make people realize the nation’s intention. While interacting with the international media the minister threw several truth bombs on the USA and its allies which forced the government and media to think about their blunders which destroyed several nations.

In a recent poll by European Council On Foreign Relations, people from nations like Russia, Great Britain, the US, China, Turkiye, and European Union were asked “How they see India” and were given options like as below:

  1. An Ally — that shares our interests and values
  2. A necessary partner — with which we must strategically co-operate
  3. A rival — with which we need to compete
  4. An adversary — with which we are in conflict
  5. Don’t Know/No Answer

In a surprising move, among the nations mentioned above, Russia’s 27% population said that India is an ally, while, 53% of Russians see India as a necessary partner. If we combine the given percentages, we can see a total of 80% population of Russia support India and see Indians as their strong partner. This is truly humongous and a good sign for India. After Russia, Great Britain was in the second position with 57% of its population standing with India. This continued with nations like the US, China, Turkiye, and European Union respectively.

In another poll, it was asked “How India Sees Others” and the options were the same as above. As expected, 80% of Indians see Russia as a true companion. This is because obviously, India-Russia has long historical relations, and Russia has been a major defence supplier and even made collaborations to offer technology transfer for setting up manufacturing in India. Currently, India is making weapons like BrahMos, AK-203 Assault Riffles, and many more in collaboration with India and even exporting to other nations. After Russia, Indians consider the US, EU, Great Britain, Turkiye, and China respectively as their important partner. For more details check the graph above but don’t feel shocked.

This poll makes the picture more or less clear of what people think about other nations. If necessary steps are taken we can bring people and governments eventually closer which will be a big success in establishing peace. India’s recent disaster diplomacy is a great move to ignite faith and love in the hearts of the citizens of Turkiye despite having geopolitical differences. The more we collaborate, even greater the chances of establishing World Peace.

What do you think about this poll? Do you really believe people-to-people connection helps in building relationships and eventually collaboration? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would be more than happy to read them, till then stay happy, stay fit, and spread happiness.



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