Weird but maybe useful things on Amazon India

Fluffy slime

It is time you give into the trend of the ASMR videos you have been binge watching all this while. Just click away and order this oddly satisfying ball of goop for under Rs 250 and get making your own home video.

Stimulating body massage glove

Looking to amp things up in your bedroom but done everything under the sun already? Time to introduce a third party stimulator. This easily accessible and 600 buck stimulating massaging glove will sure leave you and your partner craving for more.

LED party balloons

Glow in the dark is a go-to party mood setter. Order this pack of 25 LED balloons and turn the party on its head for just 300 bucks.

Anti-stress fidget cube

Stress is slowly becoming a part of our DNA and will be commonplace for the majority of the citizens soon. To deal with such high and complex anxiety and stress levels, here is a 150 buck fidget cube. It does absolutely nothing, but don’t let that frustrate you because you can press over 10 types of buttons on it and be stress free in no time.

Toothbrush sanitiser

Toothbrushes are kept out in the open, mostly in your washroom where your pot is too. Imagine all the dust, dirt and yuck coming and sitting on the bristles and directly into your mouth. Just keep this worry aside and put your toothbrushes in these sanitising cases for 99.99% bacteria free effects for just Rs 800.