Weird Jobs With High Salary!

Live Mannequin

This is probably the most boring job around today. These people are paid to stand still for hours. This is probably sounds odd, but live models can be more effective than the plastic ones. This job certainly is not for any random person. This job requires someone who is able to stand still for hours. Even though this job is hard, it does pay well. Live mannequins can usually receive a decent $100 an hour almost around 7k in India.

Personal Shopper

Most people enjoy getting clothes and shopping but sometimes it is hard to make decisions. Personal shoppers give advice on what you should buy. This may seem like an easy job but it can sometimes be difficult. As a personal shopper you have to form relationships with your clients and understand their styles. Freelancing personal shoppers usually make $65 an hour that’s around 4800INR

Line Sitters

Don’t you hate when you go somewhere and there’s a ton of people and the lines are really, really long? The worst thing is when you have to wait in those lines. Luckily, you can pay someone to wait in line for you. There are many companies that will sit in lines so you don’t have to. This job sounds boring but you’re basically doing nothing and your getting paid loads! Some people have even made $1500 waiting in line for someone who wanted an iPhone. Line Sitters usually get paid $20 which is pretty good based on the fact that you are just standing or sitting around.

Waterslide Tester

This one isn’t so much weird and odd but absolutely fun and cool. A waterslide tester travels to different water parks and tests the slides performance, how fun it is, and a tester will also tell the waterslide company if there are any safety concerns. Although it is fun to ride the slides and get cash, traveling to many countries and different locations can sometimes be strenuous. Their salary averages from around $30,000. Do you think you could be a successful waterslide tester?



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