Why are iPhones so expensive?

iPhones have always had the image of being overpriced or not worthy. There has always been an unprecedented debate between iPhone users with the Android users. There are a few reasons why Apple and its devices are worth the money and therefore are so expensive than other high-end smartphones. A few factors that determine the selling price of a product is not just the cost of making but it also includes marketing and shipping. For instance, iPhone 8 starts at Rs.64000 for 64GB in comparison to the Galaxy S8- 64GB that comes with a price tag of Rs.53000 or Rs.57000 for the S8+. If we compare the base models, there is a difference of around Rs.6500–7000. Many would agree that Galaxy S8 in comparison with the iPhone 8 does have a few features that gives the device an edge over its counterpart. Even then iPhones are more expensive. Why??

The craze of Apple:

Apple sets the trend, and there is no denying that. iPhones gained a huge wave of popularity and adoration since the time of its inception. People wanted to be iPhone users. It transformed into a gadget/device that everybody knows of. Anytime an iPhone user is asked about other phones of other brands, they would praise that other device, or whatever may be there opinion about it, however they would always end the statement saying, “I am an iPhone user and wouldn’t wish to change to Android”. And, honestly, I am of the same opinion. Coming to the “always alive” debate over iPhones and other Android phones, the story of the Android users is similar to those of iPhone users. It’s all belief, faith, blind adherence.

The cost of R&D and Manufacturing:

Apple spends billions of dollars to try and keep its technology inside the phone, the best and the latest. Apple never releases a phone under pressure. Every single feature of a phone is tested many times in order to offer the best of user experience to the consumers. Now no company would price a phone without including the cost of whatever it took to make the phone perfect, no, will they?

Customer Service:

Apple has the best customer service in the market, and there is no debate over that. They have everything going on for themselves to make the experience of the user smoother and hassle free. They replace your phone if you have the minutest trouble with it. Apple offers iPhone warranty of 12 months and telephonic support up to 9 months. And there is no exaggeration when I say that Apple does provide the best of customer service ever.

OS Updates:

The company keeps coming up with updates for its products every now and then, which is always the good news for the users.


Taking the example of iPhone 8, it is equipped with the A11 Bionic chipset and it showcases huge leaps of win with respect to synthetic benchmarks such as 3D Mark and Geekbench 4.

Therefore, iPhone are expensive. There is no denying that fact, however there are reasons that make up for the price of it to a great extent. Also, buying an iPhone never lets you down.



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