Why is MediaTek Bad?

If you think about it, there are more assumptions about which brand or company is better than the other rather than there being questions or enquiries. The problem is that many of us do believe such assumptions without trying it out ourselves. Anyone who has an idea of how much growth and potential MediaTek as a chipset company has, would definitely deny the assumption of MediaTek being bad.

Is MediaTek a good processor?

Well, there can and should be varied reasons behind anything being bad or good and the same rule applies to this aspect as well. If you get on to the task of mapping the growth the MediaTek has had over the years, one would strongly deny that it’s bad. MediaTek became the biggest smartphone chipset vendor with 31% market share in Q3 2020.

MediaTek’s strong performance in regions like China and India helped it become the biggest smartphone chipset vendor.

There is a reason why MediaTek is the biggest smartphone chipset vendor. MediaTek is not only concerned with offering the best of the chipsets for its users but it also pays great attention to the budget aspect. They are cheaper. Having said that, by no means convey the message of Mediatek being bad just because they offer cheap chipsets. It is to ensure the perfect balance between cost value and the performance of their chipsets.

MediaTek has been one of the top performers as far as the chipsets are concerned and this brand is the 5th largest fabless semiconductor manufacturing company in the world if you take into account the different chipsets it manufactures for all kinds of gadgets. This also says much about the versatility of the brand. It is found not just in smartphones, but it ranges from products like televisions to our laptops as well.

The fact that so many brands have put their trust into MediaTek with the job of lending its power to their products in itself is proof of how trustworthy and efficient the brand is and its products. Does this in any way seem like something that would happen to a bad company?

Chinese smartphones were more like cheap built devices that had almost no value in a big market such as India, but now, the demand has been increasing at a swift pace. Shouldn’t the credit go to Mediatek for that, as much as it is given to Qualcomm?

It is not easy to get over the fact that Mediatek is cheap, but there is a marginal difference between cheap pricing and cheap quality. Mediatek has done appreciably well to tackle the latter, but managed to keep the former as it always was. Cheap in price, not with quality.

MediaTek isn’t bad. It’s rightly balanced.



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Arjun Agarwal

Foodie, Wanderer, Techie, Movie Enthusiast, Artist. Jack of all, Master of One….